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Happy July 4th - Your Adela Update

We have been hard at work and we are excited for you to see the results.  We have successfully completed the transition to our new administrator.  As you know, the previous reporting was on a quarterly basis, the  good news going forward is that we are now on monthly reporting.  With this change in this reporting, we hope to provide more consistent feedback and understanding on how the market is performing. 

We are adding two new team members to assist with the institutional sales, as we are in discussion with several large institutional investors, that want to invest a percentage into our portfolio.  If this comes to fruition, you will see our fund have more buying power, and accelerated growth in the mining income portion of our portfolio.

As for the market, exciting times…we have seen a recent uptick in volatility in the market.  We were able to capture gains and sweep into the mining, and have been buying in the dips over the last three months.  During this time,  we have added eighteen Litecoin Miners, ten E3 Asics Batch 1 miners, and two Bytom Antminers.  Over the next five months, we believe the value of these miner purchases will really start to pay off.  We are now dollar cost averaging into the market on a daily basis, and with upturns in the market, we should be positioned well to capture future growth. 

Please keep in mind that we will continue to add more mines and more investments, and the anticipated compounding affect should be beneficial to our overall portfolio.  Daily Trading Is currently positive with an avg of around 3.4% growth/transaction into Bitcoin.  While some of the longer term speculation tokens are currently detracting from the investment as we see a continued market pullback from April.

Our performance in comparison to other funds has been very advantageous.  Our active model, stop loss, and DCA via miners, has protected the fund from much of the pullback in the market. 

Our hope is you appreciate the miners will bring to our portfolio in the coming year, and how far ahead of these firms in regards to the complexity, free power, and the overall results of our portfolio.  We are positioned well for the next cycle in the market.  Additional reporting will be released from the admin this week.  Happy July 4th!