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Secure Crypto IRA & World's First Diversified Crypto Porfolio

Adela Investment’s fund offers services utilizing Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Entrust, Midland, and Pensco, for self directed IRAs.  This diversified growth and income crypto portfolio is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for self-directed IRA account holders.  We are a full-service platform that ensures the safe transfer of your retirement funds into an account for a diversified holdings of about 160 tokens, and a daily income from mining operations. 

 Frequently Ask Questions:

·       Will I pay taxes on my IRA account?

According to an official IRS ruling, digital currencies are legally eligible to be held as an asset for a self-directed IRA account. That means your Bitcoin IRA account will receive tax deferred status, allowing it to appreciate in value without immediate tax liability. After you reach retirement age of 59 ½ and begin withdrawing funds, you will pay taxes at that time.

·       Will there be penalties for transferring my assets?

We will ensure that your transaction is 100% IRS compliant, which will not result in any fees.

·       Can I spend the digital currencies from my new IRA account?

Spending or withdrawing the funds from any IRA account before you reach the retirement age of 59 ½ will result in early withdrawal penalties. Any IRA account is meant to be a fund drawn upon only after you retire. Selling your funds is approved so long as it is used to reinvest in an IRA.

·       What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger where new transactions and interactions added to the ledger are collected and verified in groups referred to as blocks. A block is a cluster of transactions, gathered and cryptographically proven. Every ten minutes, a block is verified across the public ledger, granting each user in the network the ability to view the entirety of the network's transaction history. The history is made up of a long chain of blocks of transactions. Read more here.

·       How do I invest in a Crypto/Bitcoin IRA Fund?

Adela Investment is a full-service company and we will walk you through the process from start to finish. Our specialists will set up your account, rollover your funds from an existing retirement fund, execute the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency exchange, and move your coins securely into a digital wallet. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured up to $1 million dollars. Learn more here