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Adela Investment simplifies blockchain investing for Institutional Buyers, Retirement Plans, and top Financial Advisors whom are seeking to add a non-correlated asset to their customers’ investment portfolios. We provide experience, processes, and best practices that allow you to leverage the developing cryptocurrency industry as part of your alternative investment strategy.

What features should I look for?

Adela Investment specializes in cryptoasset investments and provides a complete range of fund choices for the investor wanting diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

There’s an increasing range of trading desks available, so make sure to consider the following features when comparing your options:
·Transaction amounts. What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts the dealer can help you arrange? Do these fit with your trading needs?
·Fees. How much will you be charged in fees on each transaction? Is there a flat fee or does the amount vary based on the size of the trade and your personal circumstances?
·Sign-up process. What do you need to do to sign up for an account? Are there KYC/AML requirements to fulfill?
·Supported currencies. Check a list of all the cryptocurrencies the broker can help you purchase? Is it limited to major currencies like bitcoin, Ether and Ripple, and are there any currencies missing that you’d like to acquire?
·Security and storage. How does the broker store client assets? What sort of protective measures does it have in place to ensure the security of client funds?
·Customer support. Will you receive personalized support and assistance from start to finish of the transaction? How can you get in touch with the broker if you ever have any questions or problems?

The Adela Investment management firm provides a unique, bottom-up portfolio process, which focuses on growth and diversification within blockchain technology. Alternative Investment opportunities may consist of digital assets, STOs, diversified income producing mining operations, all paired with AI and quant trading. Adela Investment brings together a team of seasoned professionals with complementary skills and strong track records from their sectors of expertise. Adela Investment has designed a methodology to offer investors full access to the world’s fastest growing alternative asset class, all with the benefits of sound risk management, compliance, and consistent process.  Resulting in a truly unique managed growth and income strategy.


The Product & Service

While cryptocurrencies represent part of the asset allocation, the committee pursues a multi-strategy and multi-manager approach to reduce risk.

Custom Cryptocurrency index tracking

AI & Quant trading

STOs & Trading with Arbitrage

Mine hedge & passive income holdings

OTC Broker Services

Tax Loss Harvesting and Clear Tax Reporting

Using a blend of established, developing and newly launched cryptocurrencies, our investment committee is able to build a balanced portfolio that is designed to lower the risks of blockchain investing.



Historic Results

2018 provided huge market growth and a subsequent oversell. While 2019 provides the opportunity to capture gains and establish a new cost basis. Volatility in cyclical markets provides arbitrage opportunities, while blockchain startups present additional long term growth opportunities. Organic growth around the world has many optimistic, as the non-correlated market continues to grow as a reserve storage for wealth, along with expanding international financial transmittal services.

Adela Investment utilizes AI, Quant, and automation within the cryptocurrency industry 7 days a week to help advisors maximize returns and minimize the downside risk to their clients.



Where It Is Going

To generate a return on the investment, it is important to have an answer for where blockchain is going. Our investment team researches the latest data, investment movements, and governmental developments to stay ahead of the curve. The blockchain industry is still finding it’s place in the financial markets, but is being implemented in every industry. It’s rapid expansion began in 2009 and continues. The cryptoassets may continue expanding as it continues to see widespread adoption in the marketplace, and as it is used as a non-correlated safe haven for developing countries and international conglomerates.

Our team is 100% focused on the development and future of the blockchain markets to keep our alternative investment fund one of the top performing funds in the world.


Who Is This For?

Investors seeking a non-corrleated alternative investment
designed to leverage the fastest growing asset class in the world.