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Adela Investment, LLC is an investment management firm with a focus on professional trading and portfolio management. The LP is an alternative investment fund that stores your digital assets and make cryptocurrency management simple for you.


The Product


Adela Investment specializes in cryptoasset investments and provides a complete range of fund choices for the investor wanting diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Adela Investment management firm is focusing on artificial intelligence and blockcahin technology. Adela Investment brings together a team of seasoned professionals with complementary skills and strong track records from their sectors of expertise.

The alternative investment market has become a high growth emerging non-correlated asset class, with comparisons to be made with previous technology innovation waves (such as the Internet and Macintosh systems) which helped to initially create the investment market specifically focused on technology.

The management company found it important to accept both (IRA) Qualified and Nonqualified assets.  As the qualified assets provide unique capital gains solution, while still providing a means to invest into a portfolio of specialized digital assets.

OTC Trading: What benefits does it offer to traders?

If you’re a trader who wants to purchase a large amount of cryptocurrency, buying coins or tokens through a traditional exchange exposes you to several problems. Not only can market flux greatly increase the cost of a trade, but you’ll also need be aware of the risks that come with trading on an ordinary exchange.

This is where over-the-counter (OTC) trading comes in. OTC trading is a service available to high-volume traders, meaning it’s only available to certain individuals or groups. This guide will help you decide whether OTC trading is the right option for you, and what to look out for when deciding on an OTC solution

OTC crypto trading is designed to allow large-scale traders to transact with one another away from traditional exchanges.

OTC pools can provide private order books that allow investors keep their trading activities confidential. Users typically need to meet a minimum liquidity requirement to participate in these pools, thereby putting them out of reach of the general public.

While cryptocurrencies represent a large part of the the asset allocation, Adela pursues a multi-strategy and multi-manager approach to reduce risk.

  • Top Cryptocurrency index tracking 

  • AI Quant trading with arbitrage

  • blockchain company investing 

  • Mine operations & Passive Income Holdings 

Using a blend of established, developing and newly launched cryptocurrencies, our investment committee is able to build a balanced portfolio that is designed to lower the risks of cryptocurrency investing.

In short, our team can help you build your own custom blockchain, build custom AI solutions, and for our typical investor - provide the storage and management of your digital assets. The philosophy of the management company has been designed to offer investors full access to the world’s fastest growing asset class with the benefits of sound risk management, compliance, and managed portfolio diversification.



Historic Results

Blockchain is a developing industry which began with Bitcoin in 2009. Since Bitcoin’s arrival and success, over 2,000 cryptocurrencies have been created. While each new currency presents investment opportunity, they also present volatility and risk to the investor. We focus on the cryptocurrency industry 7 days a week to help our investors maximize returns and minimize risk.


Where It Is Going

Volatility is a natural part of any new industry. To generate a return on the investment, it is important to have an answer for where cryptocurrency is going. Our investment team researches the latest data, investment movements, and governmental developments to stay ahead of the curve. The cryptocurrency market had a huge profits in 2018. This does not have to happen again for blockchain to be successful. Cryptocurrency has become a safe haven for developing countries, and for international organizations. Blockchain will become apart of everyday life.


Who Is This For?

We focus on staying abreast of the industry’s activity and direction, so you don’t have to. However, we believe every investor should be an educated investor which is why we provide weekly cryptocurrency education to our investors.

Adela Investment provides the ideal opportunity for those who are seeking to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency.  Adela provides the method for you to invest in the alternative market by leveraging our knowledge and expertise of the blockchain industry…while you get to focus on your daily lifestyle.

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